Development Management


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On-behalf of the client, ARE acts in the role of developer for the successful implementation of its projects that follow a will defined “demand led” model. ARE prides itself on providing services that are carried out by experienced development professionals who are themselves experienced developers. This consultancy approach ensures the proposed developments are progressed in a diligent manner that provides the client with optimum solutions and profitable outcomes.

ARE consultants work directly with organisations and companies to develop real estate projects. Our primary role is to manage the entire real estate development process - from initial concept to the start of operations for the finished project. While other members of the real estate development team perform specific tasks at different stages during the course of development. We oversee the entire process and are engaged throughout all stages.

We serve a wide range of industries that include non-profit and for-profit organisations and companies interested in developing multi-unit residential, health care, institutional, hospitality and commercial projects. These organisations and companies include:

  • Private real estate investors/trusts
  • Banks and insurance institutions
  • Health care agencies and authorities
  • Non-profit housing authorities and organisations
  • Other faith based organisations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community service organisations
  • Government departments/agencies