Our Clients/Investors come to us because developing real estate is an infrequent activity for them. For this reason, many lack the internal capacity including available time, skills, and knowledge to develop real estate in an efficient manner. Engaging our services is a cost effective method to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop real estate without the need to hire new staff or re-direct existing resources.

By working together, we become the “developer” of the real estate project. While the client is responsible for decision making, we take on the responsibility for managing the entire development process, coordinating the work of the development team, serving as central point for communication and decision making, and providing advice to the client. In addition, we take on a number of specific tasks including:

  • Oversee the preparation of development program and concept plan(s)
  • Undertake market/need/demand analysis
  • Identify, evaluate and assist with negotiating property acquisition
  • Assist with project design (particularly from market and budget perspectives)
  • Prepare capital and operating cost budgets
  • Assist with zoning and other development approvals
  • Prepare applications for government assistance
  • Prepare marketing materials and coordinate marketing/application/pre- leasing/pre-sales process
  • Prepare financing applications and negotiate terms
  • Coordinate an acceptable procurement method and construction contract
  • Account for all project costs
  • Assist with organising property management

Because each project is unique, it is difficult to list the exact tasks ARE may take on. In fact, because ARE is frequently involved very early in the development process, the exact list of tasks may be impossible to know until the development process has begun and the full scope of the project is known.